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  • Ariana grandesays: This is sooooooo awesome! :)
  • JadefromBrisbanesays: Libraries have brought me too love my English class!! I have a 100%!
  • John Watsonsays: Not again Sherlock!
  • KCsays: Hi!!! :)
  • Williamsays: eyyy that's pretty gewd!
  • Sherlocksays: Come to the library at once if convenient. If inconvenient, come all the same.
  • Visays: Happy
  • Stephsays: Yeah! I love the library!!! :)
  • Hayden&my doll, Margiesays: I love Dork Diaries!
  • violet_wombat_22says: Thank you books for opening up portals to unknown worlds.
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