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Anna Kendrick's Awesome Career So Far


Where You've Seen Her

Photo of Anna Kendrick by Wikimedia Commons.Oh, you know Anna Kendrick. She's one of the few actors who gets to roll her eyes in the Twilight films and make fun of Bella and Edward. She pulls the same trick in Up in the Air by being supremely unimpressed with George Clooney until he proves his worth. She's also sharp as Scott Pilgrim's sister.

Why I Like Her

My three favorite Anna Kendrick films demonstrate what I think makes her special: she's really alert on camera, which makes her reactions seem spontaneous. Apparently she has stage training and got a Tony nomination, so she wasn't just a bit player. She also has a nervous energy that makes me watch her even if she's in the background of scene.

Will she ever be the face of a franchise like Jennifer Lawrence? I doubt it, and that's perfectly fine if she keeps getting good work.

Three Favorites

Rocket Science
A high school student with a bad stutter decides to join his high school debate team. Anna Kendrick plays the motor-mouth, hyper-focused debate team leader. She's a bit obnoxious and full of herself, and is generally right about most things. She's the love interest, but there's nothing cutesy about her and her bluntness might be the big attraction. When Hal questions his ability to debate due to his stutter, she comments: "Deformed people are the best. I think it's because they have reserves of anger." This is a character with a point a view.

Anna is a delightful addition in this film about a young man, Adam, fighting cancer. Anna is a psychologist-in- training at the hospital where Adam is getting treated and she tries to support him. The results are awkward (she's new at this!), but she's very charming and proves she can control the sarcasm. The moment I saw her, I knew she would bring something interesting and that's a hallmark of a character actress.
Note: The film is rated R for drug use (medicinal and otherwise) and some very foul language from Seth Rogen, but otherwise it's a sweet, funny film.

Pitch Perfect

The plot of this film sounds like Glee, but set at a college. Two a cappella groups compete in a regional competition, but the girl group's routine is kind of stale. Anna Kendrick plays a grumpy freshmen who is recruited and she tries to shake up the group's act with 21st century songs (Anna might be doing an impression of Kristen Stewart in the first scene). Yes the movie is corny but the music is upbeat, Rebel Wilson is funny, and you can watch this with your little sister without your parents freaking. Oh, and Anna can sing without the aid of autotune.

So Let's Sum it Up

She survived the Twilight Series, has an Oscar and Tony nomination, works well with a wide variety of actors, and is only 27. That seems like a very good start to a hopefully long career.

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