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Big Bang Big Boom


Have you ever thought "that wall is boring!"? Or maybe even "I wish that pipe would barf out some electrical cables right now!"? Maybe you've been thinking "I love dinosaurs!" If any of those apply to you then you're in luck. If none of those apply to you then you're still in luck. We're all winners today!

Who is Blu?

Blu is an Italian artist who has decided to keep his real identity a secret. His paintings have appeared on a variety of outdoor surfaces (walls, water towers, sidewalks, overpasses, etc) all over the world. His works cover large spaces and often require the use of a crane. His stop motion animations consist of 100s of paintings and have been seen by millions of online viewers.

Evolution On A Wall

Blu's latest video entitled Big Bang Big Boom is something that you have to see to believe.

BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on VimeoThe amount of time and effort that went into this is pretty impressive, but the creativity behind it is even more impressive. I love it when the paintings morph into real physical objects and then morph back into paint on the wall.

If you like Blu’s artwork then you’ll probably like the art featured in Beautiful Losers. Beautiful Losers is a collection of works by artists like Barry Mcgee (Twist), Margaret Kilgallen, Phil Frost, Thomas Campbell and more, many of whom rose to fame through street art and skateboarding. There is also a Beautiful Losers DVD  that documents these artists, their friendships, and their effect on the art world.


Author Bio:

Tommy M. wants Blu to paint something on his wall. Tommy M. likes it when tubes barf out electrical cables.


This is cool! thats

This is cool! thats unbelievable! and btw: i beat lawrence to comment on this! hehehe

This is very cool! And how

This is very cool! And how did I get beat on this? Oh yeah? Take a look at "Don't sound like a tool"!!! Who's first?