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Video Games vs. Board Games


Graphic of video game vs board game.In every gaming genre, there are always different ways to play the popular games—on your phone, your Xbox or PS Vita, computer, or even as a board game. If you have a favorite game, sometimes it is rewarding to buy it as both a video game and as a board game to share with your friends or try it in new ways. But the question remains: is one version better than the other?

Choosing Sides

I think it depends on the game. A few years ago, I received the Risk board game. I played for four hours with five other friends, striving to overtake and secure all of the continents, while wiping out the other players. We debated heartily over what the rules meant and whose turn it was at any given time. We laughed over bad jokes, shared pizza and breadsticks, and just played for fun. When we finished, it was after midnight, and no one even cared who won at that point. We didn’t play for the game; we played to spend time together.

A round of a board game like Risk lasts for hours, and I would bet that a good majority of the people who play quit before the game is actually over. With video games like Risk Factions (available on the Playstation Network), users can play Risk alone or with others in a much shorter period of time. Moreover, the video game allows for new rules, controls everyone’s turns, and speeds up the time.

Where to Start?!?

If you’re in the mood for a game that lets you spend quality time with your friends, try a new board game, like Settlers of Catan, Dominion, or Cranium. These games will be interactive, fun, and keep you on your toes. If you want the board game rules and a more streamlined, individual experience, check out a puzzling video game, such as Risk Factions, Catan, or Monopoly. You’ll still get the board game-feeling, without having to set up the pieces or try to unfold the huge sheet of rules and guidelines.

Whatever you are in the mood for, try it out with a new friend and don’t be afraid to have fun!


Author Bio:

Stephanie is a recent MLIS graduate and lover of all things game-related.