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A Book Review: Where Things Come Back


Where Things Come Back : A Novel by John Corey WhaleyI loved this book and so, of course, had to write about it. The inside jacket reads: "When you read a novel expecting to be entertained with a lighthearted tale of adolescent love, you may come to the last page to realize you've read something quite different. Will you be left still thinking about the inexplicable disappearance of a perfectly innocent little brother? Will you be picturing what it would be like to finally get the girl of your dreams....? Maybe when you read this story, you'll find that even in a small Arkansas town where everything familiar can disappear, there is wonder in the ordinary and the hope for a second chance."

Where Paths Converge

I have to admit, after the first 80 pages or so I was thinking "WHERE is this guy going with this?" There are two characters introduced in the beginning who, it seems, have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Cullen Witter is 17 yrs old and his younger brother has gone missing. Then there is Benton, who leads us on a different trail as we see him failing as a missionary in Ethiopia. We also meet a slew of other characters in the small town of Lily, Arkansas including the mythical “Lazarus Woodpecker” that may or may not exist. It's one of those books where everything comes together at the end (and OH what a fantastic ending it is!), but you have no idea how until about the last chapter. Well, okay, you start to see how before that...but you don't KNOW.

Mouth Hanging Open

I found myself exhaling in little gasps at the ends of some of the chapters. Whaley leaves you with these thoughts that sort of knock the wind out of you. He really brings the characters to life and his writing makes you feel as if you're moseying along the path to go for a relaxing swim in the placid lake, and then WHAM! You get slammed with something that leaves you with your mouth hanging open.

If you’re looking for some new realistic fiction (no vampires, werewolves or zombies) that just might rock your world a little, read this book!

You can find out more about the author here (this is his first book!)


Author Bio:

Kimberly D. lives in Pacifica where she has yet to see a woodpecker.


Where Things Come back

You make this book sound great. I want to read it, too. I never saw a woodpecker in over 30 years in Pacifica, either, but there was an acorn woodpecker in my yard in El Granada. They need oak trees around.