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Bringing History Back from the Dead with a Modern Twist


If you are like me and enjoy reading historical fiction, then I have some great recommendations for you! All four of these books were engrossing reads which I highly recommend for any who love to read about young adults living through pivotal world events throughout history. Each one manages to transport the reader back into time, but still keep one foot in the modern world of a teenager.

Gilt by Katherine Longshore.Gilt by Katherine Longshore

Set during King Henry VIII's rule of England, Gilt tells the story of two best friends, Kitty and Catherine, and their ascension to the world of royalty. Kitty, a wallflower and loyal friend, is brought to court by Catherine, ambitious and scandalous, after she wins the heart of King Henry. The characters are polarizing and brought to life on the page. I love the time period that Longshore selected because there is so much rich history filled with scandals, betrayal, love, and violence.

Fateful by Claudia Gray.

Fateful by Claudia Gray

Fateful is set around one of the most tragic and shocking events in our history; the sinking of the Titanic. Tess, a maid for a prestigious and wealthy family, has finally made up her mind to pursue a life where she is the only master. When she steps on the Titanic, she is surprised to find someone she connects with and becomes drawn deeper into the dark and mysterious world in which he is engrossed. I really enjoyed the setting for this book. I enjoyed the contrast between the plot and the time period, showing how one girl can be thrust into such peril and danger while still acting her part of the servant. Tess is a strong character that shows courage and drive to do the right thing in a time where servants are ignored. Oh yeah, the love story is pretty good too....

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly.

Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly

Revolution is the story about one girl's journey to emerge from the darkness, grief, and rage she feels derived from her younger brother's tragic death. To help her cope with her demons, she travels to Paris and immerses her herself in a young woman's diary from the French Revolution. This book captivated me from the first page. This novel contains a great deal about the French Revolution and it could be a turn off to casual readers who aren't into the time period. I found it fascinating and loved reading about that time in history.

Tarnish by Katherine Longshore.

Tarnish by Katherine Longshore

Tarnish is the second of the Tudor Series from Katherine Longshore. Like Gilt, this book is set during King Henry VIII's reign, but tells the intriguing story of the infamous Anne Boleyn. This was my favorite out of the four. The time period is illustrated beautifully and the characters are full of life and depth. This book has it all including love triangles, family drama, betrayal, danger, and unrequited love. I could not put this one down and was fully immersed in the world Longshore masterfully created.

What's on Deck?

The next historical fiction book I plan to read is Love Disguised by Lisa Klein. The story is about a young Will Shakespeare at the beginning of his budding career where he meets a girl who will change his life forever. The plot of the book sounds like it could have been written by the man himself!


Author Bio:

Jacqui Grande is an aide at Atherton Library. Along with historical fiction, she also enjoys reading stories about Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology.


I also really enjoyed Grave

I also really enjoyed Grave Mercy which is set in 15th century Brittany. The Monstrumologist series  is set in the 1880s but it's rather horrific, as a warning. And it's less "taking place in a historic point in time" than "events occurring in history being divulged to a modern reader," if that makes any sense!