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A Clockwork Orange


A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgessis a 1962 dystopian novel by Anthony Burgess. The story follows main character, Alex, who has a massive tendency toward brutal violence and thievery. Unfortunately for him, he gets caught and is sentenced to 14 years in prison, where there are psychologists experimenting with techniques to "cure" the prisoners' evil in two weeks.

Alex decides to volunteer as a test subject for the psychologists, hoping to get an early exit out of prison and continue his violent tendencies. The technique they use on him, the Ludovico Technique, causes a reaction of extreme nausea when presented with any thought of violence. He is sent back into the outside world assumed to be cured of all evil.

Don’t Let the Violence Get You Down

The style of writing in the book is very complex, so anyone wanting to read it will have to spend a lot of time trying to understand it. Although the beginning of the book gives off a vibe of nonsensical violence, stick with it, and it slowly begins to feel very philosophical. You won't be able to get the story line of the book, or even the setting or place, in a few chapters. Even more than half way you still don't get the full picture. Keep going!

Looking for a Challenge?

If you want a new challenge in reading, and you want to see solving the "bad guys" in a whole new light, try this book out. Personally, I would give this an 8.5/10. If you have trouble understanding the book’s Nadsat language, you can always look at a community-made dictionary for the book, found here.


Author Bio:

Ryan D. is a teen volunteer at the Pacifica Sharp Park Library.


Hey Ryan how long did it take

Hey Ryan how long did it take you to read it? - Carmel XD