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Belmont Library Teen Poetry Contest Winners Part 2


Photo of Teen Poetry Contest winners.In April, the Belmont Library held a teen poetry contest in honor of National Poetry Month. Below are the winning poems from our high school students. Stay tuned for the honorable mentions in both categories!

1st place: "The Work of an Artist" by Dana Benelli, 10th grade, Carlmont High School

If I could
I would carve a statue of you
I would try
to give it your kind face
your wise eyes
what I remember of your smile
In its hands I would place a box
I would fill it
with letters, trinkets, words
that I never wrote, sent, or said
I would build a house with the lessons you taught me
And paint it with scenes, colors, and love
that I learned from you
I would place the box and statue inside
I am sure
it would fit perfectly
in the space made for you
in my heart

2nd place: "If I Had Known" by Rebecca Medina, 9th grade, Carlmont High School

You feel it,
Hanging over you
Ever present.
Nothing can move
The darkness.
A friend.
I could have been.

3rd place: "Flatline" by Gina Mireles, 11th grade, Carlmont High School

I. Odalys
She grips the railing.
Sweat paints her palms,
trembling nerves run through her fingertips, like electicity.
Beaten and deceived,
desperation gorges her self-esteem.
Heart racing, mind screaming,
suddenly numb.
Her pain gone,
her body lifeless.
Crimson pavement.

II. Nancy
She gasps for air.
She’s weak; frail.
Face sallow, eyes opaque.
Cancer devours her, drains her blood.
She decays.
The flatline engulfs her.

III. Repression
Memories hidden,
suffocate me.
I want to cease the reminiscing of
Odalys unclasping the railing
and Nancy waiting for a donor,
that will never come.

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Author Bio:

Stephanie C took a really awesome Caribbean Poetry class in college for her senior seminar. Despite being introduced to many fantastic poets in her undergraduate years as an English Literature major, her favorite poet continues to be Shel Silverstein. She received a copy of A Light in the Attic as a Summer Reading Program prize when she was a kid.