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Dream to Draw!


Dream to Draw! Or Draw to Dream...

Photo of manga sketch process.Either way, drawing is a very creative art that makes my jaw drop at the amazing artistic abilities of mangaka (manga artists), let alone painters, sculptors, and other artists. But, since I love manga, I love to draw manga. As one of my un-official New Years' resolutions is to draw more, or at least finish some of the drawings I've started, here's a post on drawing manga!

I've read a number of manga-drawing books, over time but, to be honest, most of them didn't really help much. There was too much of a gap between "draw a stick figure and....TADA! Here's your gorgeous finished product!" without exactly explaining how to put that shine in hair or how to add a dramatic flowing effect to clothing.

Helpful Drawing Books

I've rummaged through our collection and here are some of the books that I did find helpful and hopefully you will too! Since I'm more into the shonen-manga side of things, the majority of them lean to that side. However, the How to Draw Manga series covers a range of different topics, drawing styles, and steps of drawing. And you can always do what I've done, which is stare at the gorgeous artwork that you love and then try to imitate its glory. It doesn't always work but it helps inspiration!

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