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As Time Goes By...

While it may encompass other genres such as romance, school-life, humor, etc, slice-of-life manga is one of my favorites. It shows the evolution of the characters as individuals over time, as well as their relationships. It's also realistic and relaxing (for me) to read. Slice-of-life manga highlights one of my pet peeves, which is anime adaptations that fail to capture the changing of characters over time (maturing Zodiac members of Fruits Basket, perhaps?).

So, here are three manga series I enjoyed, in alphabetical order. I would've put Yotsuba at the top, but that's impossible at the library! And before you cry "No! That manga is a shojo romance! What are you thinking??", I completely agree with you, but it's more the character evolution that interests me than the roses and twinkly-stares between lovers....

Aishiteruze Baby. Vol. 1 by Yoko MakiAishiteruze Baby
Kippei is a popular high school boy who flirts uncontrollably with all the girls around him. That stops, however, when he’s put in charge of caring for his five-year-old cousin Yuzuyu. From making her cute bento, taking her to preschool, watching her draw pictures, and caring for her emotionally, Kippei has to change his playboy ways and become a mother! This was a cute series that had romance and humor, as well as an amazing drawing style. Kippei was realistic and sympathetic and I rooted for him all the way!

Bakuman. 1, Dreams And Reality by Tsugumi ŌbaBakuman
Bakuman is the artistic journey of Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi as they try to break their way into the world of manga. This was a great series that not only entertained me, it also gave a great introduction into manga and how it is created, from the scripts and conceptual boards to editors meetings and competitions. Bakuman is by the same team responsible for Death Note and the drawings were just as wonderful to look at! (And I really, REALLY wanted to read their manga!).

Yotsuba&!. 1 by Kiyohiko AzumaYotsubato
From the maker of Azumanga Daioh, this is one of my favorite manga. In short, it’s the tale of Yotsuba Kowaii, an adorable little girl who moves to a new city with her father. She meets her next-door neighbors and everyone in the neighborhood, exploring with no fear...and little prior knowledge of things like escalators, shopping malls, and exercise balls. Yotsuba’s expressions and actions are hilarious and the series is full of puns and jokes on everyday life that makes you feel a kid again.

More Chronicles to Follow...

Bride’s Story
Twenty-year-old Amir leaves her village and everyone she knows to marry a boy. Will the difference in their ages prevent true love?

Bunny Drop
Kind of like Aishiteruze Baby, but it’s a 30-year-old working man who can’t understand women or children raising a 6-year-old girl!

Emma falls in love with a member of the gentry, but she’s just a maid and in 19th century England--class differences are frowned upon.

Fruits Basket
Tohru Honda's life with the wacky members of the mysterious Sohma family! 

Welcome to the world of otaku!

Kimi ni Todoke
Can Sawako overcome her “Sadako” image with the help of the most popular boy in class?

Sand Chronicles
The tale of Ann Uekusa and her (romantic) life over the years.


Author Bio:

Jenna V. can read a manga series over and over...and over once more if it’s really good.