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It's Almost Over!


Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Promotional image from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.You know what happens on November 16th? Yes, it's almost over people! Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 will soon be history and become a fading memory from your middle school/high school years. No need to fret…there are many excellent options to fill the void.

Series, Schmeries

I think the Twilight series proves that series are really unnecessary except to make gobs of money. The first book was fine and New Moon expanded on the werewolf angle, but the tired love triangle and Bella's lack of personality or personal ambition made the rest of the series fairly useless. What exactly is Bella's heroic story arc? She goes from utterly boring high school student to vampire mother with rich husband. Young women should be appalled, seriously.

And there's the problem isn't it? I'm taking Meyer's world much too seriously. It's just a fun romantic fantasy so chill out, Ms. Librarian! But that said, I really do want teen readers to want more from their characters. You spend a lot of time reading so why not spend it with quality people?

Try These Instead

If you want a romance, try John Green, Sarah Dessen, and Deb Caletti and discover characters with hobbies and interests beyond their romantic interest. If you want adventure, Kelley Armstrong and Philip Reeve and Jack Higgins have plots that move with no mopey girls or moody vampires or grumpy werewolves (actually, Armstrong has a grumpy werewolf, but Derek is kind of cool).

Okay, getting off my soap box now. Enjoy the last film. The trailer looks okay--more action, less moping. And then we only have to wait until November 2013 for Catching Fire.


Author Bio:

CynthiaR is just cranky because none of John Green or E. Lockhart's books have been made into films ...yet.