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Manga Reading on the Bus


Manga Reader graphic.What I Discovered On The Bus

I was riding the bus this week, reading a newspaper to pass the time--and I know this is rude--but my eyes kept straying to what another passenger was reading on his iPhone: manga.

"Is that an app or an e-book?"

He removed his ear-buds and told me about this cool, free app called Manga Reader. It’s on iTunes, has thousands of English-translated manga scans, and is a real page turner.

Didja know San Mateo County Library has more than 3,000 manga titles?

You also can download graphic novels from the San Mateo County Library.

*Please note that Manga Reader App provides licensed and unlicensed content.

Author Bio:

Paula Hess is a Brisbane Public Library Intern who never talks to strangers on public transportation but recently added Manga Reader to her iPhone.


Very cool! That makes me want

Very cool! That makes me want to get a smart phone!