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March Downloads


The Stargirl Collection by Jerry Spinelli

We receive new books all the time--real page turners--and if you haven't checked out our new ebook releases, here are few you'll definitely want to add to your phone or device.

The Latest From the Ever-prolific Jerry Spinelli

The Stargirl Collection by Jerry Spinelli

Listen to Jerry's Only Attempt at Bullying!

Listen to the author in his own words:

In Darkness by Nick Lake

In the Rubble of the Haitian Earthquake ...

lies a 15-year-old gang member, surrounded by the dead and succumbing to memories and visions. Nick Lake's new release shines a light in In Darkness.

Ask the Passengers

It's bad when the only people you can confide in are cruising at 30,000 feet in a jetliner and you are lying on a picnic table wondering why you are falling in love with another girl. A.S. King returns with Ask the Passengers, a follow-up tale of "argh, why does life have to be so complicated!"

Author Bio:

Paula Hess is a Brisbane Pubic Library Intern.