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Movie Recommendation: Moonrise Kingdom


Moonrise KingdomMoonrise Kingdom is a delightfully weird little film directed by Wes Anderson and written by Anderson and Roman Copola. It's about two twelve year olds, Sam and Suzy, who fall instantly and deeply in love and nothing will stop them from being together--not her father, not social services, and definitely not an epic storm that floods the small island they live on. The movie is set in a time before cell phones and computers, but it's not some dull, accurate historical piece. The movie setting is a bit magical and slightly unreal except for Sam and Suzy's feelings. Those are very real.

Sam and Suzy

Sam is a foster care kid in a boy scout like troop that is camping on the island which is somewhere off the East Coast of the United States. Suzy is the highly annoyed daughter of two lawyers who live in a ramshackle house on the island. When Sam and Suzy lock eyes, the connection is powerful and will not be denied. They spend a year writing letters to each other, and make plans to run away together the next summer when Sam returns with his scouting troop.

The Getaway

They make their getaway easily because the adults in their lives underestimate their determination. Suzy is the kind of girl who packs her favorite books and a turntable in her suitcase. Fortunately Sam has scouting skills and brings proper survival supplies, plus a gun. In fact, all the boy scouts have weaponry of some sort, making the troop menacing despite their neat uniforms. Think about it ...would you want the kid sitting next to you in sixth grade math carrying a functional gun, even in the woods?

You Should See This. Really.

The performances are solid, especially from the two teen leads. Jared Gilman, who plays Sam, looks like a real twelve year old. He's short and not especially good looking, but has total confidence in his scouting skills. Kara Hayward is stylish and smart and never, ever tries to be "cute." I think she smiles once in the film.

Moonrise Kingdom is not for everyone, but sometimes it's good to step away from the CW or ABC Family and see something different. Pretty Little Liars will still be there for you.


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CynthiaR can't wait to see Les Miserable on December 25th!