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Playing God


Eve & Adam by Michael GrantIn the new book Eve & Adam, 17 year old Evening Spiker (“Eve” for short) barely survives a horrible car accident where she nearly loses her leg. She’s sent to recover at her mom’s San Francisco biotech research center. Here’s where the story goes from awful to weird: her leg heals super fast—in only a few days. Whaaat? Medically impossible! But, somehow, it happens.

Then, while hanging out at the research center (that her mom owns, by the way), she’s asked to play around with an experiment—to create the perfect boy. Talk about an exciting (and somewhat creepy) project…she can make the guy into anything she wants, both physically and mentally. It sounds like fun to her, so she goes along with it.

But, to her shock, the experiment ends up being no joke—Adam comes to life and is even more mesmerizing in person than on paper. The company has some crazy technology that makes it actually happen. Majorly unethical, but also kind of super amazing.

Meanwhile, a mysterious lab worker named Solo is secretly collecting info on the company and its shady experiments. Will he get enough evidence to expose their nasty, unethical, and illegal secrets?

This is the first novel in a series, and was written by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate, whose previous work includes the Gone series and the Animorphs series. Katherine Applegate also wrote The One and Only Ivan, which snagged this year's Newbery Medal for best children's book.

Book Trailer

Here’s a Matrix-y like preview for Eve & Adam:


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