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Saffy’s Angel by Hillary Mckay


Saffy's Angel by Hilary McKayEven though I am 16 years old, ever since I was nine my all time favorite book has been Saffy’s Angel. It must have been the shed in the back, or the way Caddy and Rose would talk about art, or Michael the Driving Instructor, or maybe just the way this family lived. But something about this book has taken a place in my heart, and nothing can take its place.

Reading the Paint Chart

In this, story Saffron lives with her family, the Cassons. The Cassons are a peculiar family, and instead of listening to nursery rhymes before bed, the children are told the colors in the paint chart on their kitchen wall. Eve, the children's mother, named all her children after colors on this particular paint chart.

Once Saffy learns how, the first thing she wants to read is the paint chart. After reading the entire thing over and over again, she finds that her name is not on the chart. This changes the way she views herself in the family for the rest of her life.

Spoiler Alert!

When Saffy is older, she learns that she is adopted and that Eve, the woman who she has always called her Mum, is actually her Aunt. Saffy’s own mom (Eve’s twin sister) was killed in a car crash when Saffron was very young. The only thing that Saffy believes connects her to the family is her Granddad. When he dies, he leaves one thing in his will to each of the children: for Cadmium, his property in Wales; for Indigo, his car; for Saffron, the angel in the garden; and for Rose, his money.

By the time he dies, Grandad has had to sell his house, his car does not work, and he has no money; the only thing that might still be there is the angel in the garden. The angel in the garden: Saffy has had dreams about a garden….

Anywho, you will just have to read the book to see what happens!


Author Bio:

Kanchan Armstrong is a Pacifica Sharp Park Library Volunteer and loves tea and cats. Have a wonderful day!