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Before Saw, There Was Geometry


Last time around, we were talking about Flatland and the second dimension, but it's time to step things up a bit, because there's a whole 'nother world out there. The world of the ... THIRD DIMENSION! Try to contain your excitement.

3D Film - Tangentially Related to What I Am Talking About

SAW 3D DVD coverThe Saw movie franchise finally wrapped up in 2010 with its final chapter. This makes for a total of seven, from Saw (sans Roman numeral suffix) through Saw 3D (also known as Saw: The Final Chapter), at the dizzying rate of one movie released each year. All of the movies are tenuously connected by the thin premise that a saw of some sort is involved in the plot. At least the first couple of movies try to keep up this appearance and in the first movie, a man who is trapped in a room must hack off his leg in order to escape.

The end.

But that's not really Saw's claim to originality, because way back when, in the distant past of 1979, was this fantastic movie called Mad Max.  And at the end of Mad Max, someone needs to cut off his limb with a hacksaw in order to escape an exploding car. So there's that then.

So you see, Saw's remaining claim to originality is the locked-room mystery, right? Yes, Saw must have been the first movie to ever do that. No, wait, they were the first to create a mind-bending puzzle movie in which some people wake up in a room having no idea how they got there and must use pure logic to get out of the room, RIGHT?


Before there was Saw, in 2004, there was something called Cube, which came out in 1997. Cube, and its prequel Cube Zero (2004) are all about geometry that kills, giant cubes in which people are trapped and must fight to escape before some unseen, sinister outside forces eliminate them one by one. Sounds like fun, right? How could it possibly get any better?

Well the only way it could get better is if you put that geometry at the bottom of the sea and added a killer giant squid to the mix. That's right, I'm talking about Sphere which is a kind of weak movie version of this amazing book by Michael Crichton. You know him. He's the guy who thought of an amusement park filled with KILLER DINOSAURS. He is a certified GENIUS. In Sphere, some people become trapped in a habitat at the bottom of the ocean, in proximity to a strange alien artifact and must fight for a way out while some unseen, sinister outside force ElimiDates them one by one.

Circle, Square, Triangle, Ex

The only thing that can complete your journey through the third dimension is a movie about a pyramid. The best example I could find was a movie called The Pyramid,  but alas, the library doesn't carry that one.


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Josh Pearce is a flexagon and has many faces.