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Scaredy Pants


I’m constantly keeping an eye out for the best new books for teens, and one genre I totally like is horror! Here are three that have definite nightmare potential (and they even seem kind of funny, in a weird way).

The Turning by Francine ProseHelp, I’m a Nanny Stuck on a Haunted Island

The Turning by Francine Prose – It was already bad enough that Edward’s dad tore him away from his girlfriend. But then he arranged for Edward to spend his summer being a nanny for two little kids on an island. Well, it turns out that the island is haunted. And there's no wifi or cell phone reception anywhere. The horror! A suspenseful read based on the classic The Turn of the Screw by Henry James.

Daylight Saving by Edward Hogan

Paranormal Activity…at Leisure World

Daylight Saving by Edward Hogan –Daniel meets the girl of his dreams at Leisure World. No, she’s not an elderly resident with a zest for life, but a girl named Lexi who’s mysteriously attractive—and deeply tied to the supernatural world. A crush is worth fighting the sinister forces of evil, right? Right!

Darkwater by Catherine Fisher

Selling Your Soul: Never a Good Idea

Darkwater by Catherine Fisher – Imagine being 16 years old for 100 years. That’s what happens to Sarah when she sells her soul to save Darkwater Hall, her family’s estate. The time’s come to relinquish her soul, but she's determined to find a way to save herself in this dark and creepy story. Will we never learn from the mistakes of Dr. Faustus and Robert Johnson? If soul-selling is your scene, Lois Lowry's Son also has some bargaining with the devil action.


Author Bio:

Karen Choy is the youth services librarian in Half Moon Bay. Sell her soul? Never!