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Toonlet Comic
Be a Comic Artist

Toonlet helps you create comic strips with dynamic characters and easily publish them online.

The best thing about Toonlet is that you can create thousands of characters with multiple tailored moods without knowing how to draw at all.  The site has an easy-to-use character tool that lets you pick from hundreds of different parts (heads, eyes, hair, noses, etc. - all created by people who can draw) that you can shrink, rotate and expand so that no two characters ever look alike.

It Is So Easy!

To get started, take the Toonlet tour and then create an account. It's completely addictive. Above is one (of many) I've made.

Author Bio:

Nicole Pasini has worked on library programs and collections for teens, children, and adults. She likes to knit, sew, write, and cook.