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Whip It Good!


Roller Derby photo by Gomisan 

Roller Derby is kind of like professional wrestling on skates--lots of dramatic violence that may or may not be real, silly names (Demanda Riot, Chantilly Mace and Boo YaYa are all players in the Bay Area Derby Girls league, weird rules, and sweet outfits. If you like showmanship and channeled female aggression, you’ll dig Roller Derby.

In the Movies

For a taste of Derby, rent Whip It. The movie, directed by Drew Barrymore, is about Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page) who becomes Babe Ruthless in the rink in order to break away from her small town and her mom’s expectations. It’s a fun movie, with great action(and surprisingly true to the real sport. Whip It is based on the novel Derby Girl by Shauna Cross, who has street cred as a member of the Los Angeles Derby Dolls Roller Derby league.

Fo’ Reals

Check out Demon of the Derby, which follows Ann Cavello, the “Meanest Mama on Skates,” who is 70 years old and still playing the fast-paced contact sport. Forget Brett Favre, this lady is tough. 

Photo Credit: Gomisan

Author Bio:

Nicole Pasini has worked on library programs and collections for teens, children, and adults, and she is not hard core enough to play Roller Derby.


Blog correction!

From a helpful Librarian: "Ann Cavello is no longer skating. She passed away a few years back. Ann was a Millbrae relic. She was a bagger at our local Safeway-a sight to behold with her white hair, white lips, extra shiny clothes under her Safeway apron. And boy oh boy could that gal bring in the carts!" LOL -- thanks for the correction:)