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Wolf Children Ame & Yuki


Wolf Children Ame & Yuki

Wolf Children Ame & Yuki by Mamoru Hosoda.I had heard about this movie being released, and upon spotting the manga version in our library system, I had to read it. And it didn't disappoint!

Wolf Children Ame & Yuki is just as the title announces: children who have the ability to become wolves. Their mother, Hana, fell in love with a man she met in a college class, only to find out that ancestral Japanese wolf blood runs in his veins. This rather hefty tome of a manga contains the entire tale of their two children growing up and learning to deal with their differences from the rest of the world.

Werewolf Adolescence

As a warning, this is not a YA paranormal romance manga, although there are paranormal elements to it as well as romance. Ame and Yuki become distinct individuals in this manga, and it also covers how their mother, Hana, deals with the troubles they run into. Instead, I would classify Wolf Children as a slice of life manga, skipping in time and showing Ame and Yuki as infants, then toddlers, young children, and finally, young adults.

The paranormal aspect aside, I believe that many of the escapades that the two kids get into could easily happen in non-paranormal families, thus adding to the dry humor that ran all the way through this manga. Examples of such include kids climbing up bookshelves and pulling them over and squabbles between siblings. But the squabbles include two wolf pups romping around and causing general mayhem in the house....

A Similar Manga?

There are quite a few interesting slice of life manga along the same lines as Wolf Children that I've enjoyed. While the pacing may be a tad slower and the humor less slapstick, they still tug at your heartstrings and make you fall in love with all the characters!

One of my favorites is Bunny Drop. Daikichi, a 30 year old bachelor, famously unskilled at dealing with women or children, suddenly faces the challenge of raising a little girl. It's an extremely heart warming series that makes me go "awwwww" just thinking about it. It's also funny with that same level of realistic humor that comes with Daikichi facing things he had never thought he would have to deal with, like finding a daycare for a little girl who may actually be...his aunt? And, since we've just finished getting the whole run of this sweet story in the library, so you can read them all in one swoop!

There's a bit more action involved in Library Wars, as well as a bit more romance, but I think if you enjoy Wolf Children, you may like this as well! Library Wars is based on a Japanese novel series, and deals with the problem of censorship in a futuristic Japanese government cracks down on "unsuitable material" and attempts to purge it from library collections all across Japan, resorting to violent methods to do so. To fight back, libraries form a military group called the Library Force that is sworn to protect the diversity of library collections and the ability of readers to read what they will.


Author Bio:

Jenna V. likes a change of pace with slice of life manga. But a bit of action isn't bad either!