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Xbox One or Playstation 4?


XBOX ONE or PS4 graphic.With the recent releases of the newest gaming consoles, there is a lot of buzz about which one is the best for its money. And, if you are like me, you will want to do a LOT of research before you get either of these. I've created a small chart to break down the information to help you understand them a little better.

Xbox One

Cost: $499.99
Games: Games are being published steadily, with popular titles promised soon!
Controller: Improved slightly, but very similar to previous controllers
Extra features: Great voice commands & a new camera with the already included Kinect!
Social Media: You can upload and share your gaming on social media fast
Television: With a cable subscription, you can watch cable TV right from the console, but services like Netflix and Hulu require Xbox Live, a service costing $60 annually (in addition to their subscription)

Playstation 4

Cost: $399.99
Games: There seem to be less popular titles for PS 4, but a large surge of Indie games
Controller: Much less bulky than Xbox One’s and is very sensitive to touch
Extra features: Do you have a PS Vita? You can take your progress on the PS 4 on the go with your portable PS Vita!
Social Media: PS 4 allows players to show live game play and now have group chat
Television: PS 4 doesn’t focus on the “media center” approach Xbox One has, but you do not have to pay anything but the program costs to play Netflix or Hulu Plus

More Information

Don't just take it from me, because all of these judgments are really based on personal preference. Test the consoles, talk with friends, and start gaming! I also suggest enjoying the older generation consoles, like Playstation 3 and Xbox 360—amazing games are still being made for them, too!

These are the sites I consulted for research, which may help you make your decision:


Author Bio:

Stephanie F. is a volunteer from Ohio. She loves all things gaming and cannot wait for Elder Scrolls Online to be released!